Morpho Peldeides

Morpho peldeides

On Mrs. Meanwood:

Body: -Belleza- Venus-Freya
Skin: ((=alterego=)) janae-honey[darkbrow_clv]-smokey (@ OMG)
Hair: !Ohmai Salon: Ikura [Grayscale] (@ Hair Fair 2015)
Eyes: [NI.JU] Bubble II Eyes . ice (@ Manga Fair)
Ears: Suicide Gurls – Goblin Ears Black-Silver Spikes (@ Genre-Theme)
Face-Piercing: PUNCH / Spiked Septum + Bridge Piercing (@ Suicide Dollz)
Upper-Body-Tattoo: Suicide Gurls – Abrog Unisex Tattoo (@ Suicide Dollz)
Top: [N] BOX Gothi Top blk (@ Bewbapalooza)
Halo: [CX] Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Black+A) Common (@ Epiphany)

Pose & Butterflies: Le Poppycock *Underwing* Spactacle (@ Wayward Carnival)


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